Skin Rashes in Children


Skin rashes are especially common during the first six months. They may result from overheating or overdressing, or to the use of detergents, powders, perfumes, and oils which cause contact dermatitis . In addition, certain foods may make the baby break out in facial rashes. Prolonged contact with wet diapers causes diaper rash , from the ammonia produced by urine.

Some children suffer from intermittent eczema that has a tendency to run in families. Eczema can be extremely uncomfortable, because the more it itches, the more it is scratched, and the more it’s scratched, the more it itches. This cycle may be triggered by an allergy to a particular food or pollen; it may be a contact dermatitis caused by a particular fabric, or it might flare up because of emotional tension created by family arguments or anxiety about schoolwork. Eczema should be treated by the family physician who may be able to discover its source and prevent further attacks.

Other rashes that are essentially allergic in origin are those resulting from contact with poison ivy, oak, or sumac. For information about these and other skin conditions, including hives.The discomfort of many rashes can be eased by ointments or salves. Plain cornstarch is helpful for prickly heat.

Among the diseases caused by organisms known as rickettsiae and transmitted to people by the animal ticks that are infected with them is Rocky Mountain spotted fever , also called tick fever . In addition to rising temperature, headache, nausea, and malaise, this disease produces a characteristic rash that starts on the ankles, lower legs, and wrists, and then spreads to the rest of the body.

A rash may be the first visible symptom of Lyme disease, which had been reported in all but a few American states by the late 1990s. Its highest incidence occurs in the northeastern, north-central, and western states. Caused by a tick-carried bacterium, the disease can produce neurological problems, heart disorders, and arthritis. The initial rash can extend over a large area. Antibiotics including tetracycline and penicillin may be used in treatment. The skin should be washed carefully with an antiseptic such as rubbing alcohol.

Many children scratch rashes as an immediate method of relief. This provides only a temporary break from the discomfort that rashes can cause. Furthermore, scratching can prolong the rash and make tiny cuts in the skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection. Though skin rashes that itch appear in a variety of forms, many of them can be treated with a topical or oral medication known as an antihistamine, which can help to have no more skin rashes that itch.


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