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Prefold cloth diapers have recently become famous. Although cloth diapers have been used long before anything else they have made a comeback. Many people concerned for the environment and concerned for their baby’s health have made the switch. There are pros and cons to both disposables and cloth. Cloth diapers are made from natural fibers which are much more comfortable for your baby and better for the Earth. Sure they aren’t as convenient as a disposable where you just throw it away after every use but at least when you do toss it out you know it will eventually decompose. You will be doing your planet a huge favor. Not many people know that disposable diapers last around 500 years and are a major landfill crisis.

A prefold cloth doesn’t absorb as much urine as the alternative because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. Common sense tells us that cotton cloth is better than synthetics for a baby’s extremely soft sensitive skin. Diaper rashes are less likely to happen with cotton unless you wait too long.

Cloth diapers aren’t as complicated as they used to be years ago they have been made to be just as convenient as a nappy. After a couple of tries it becomes very easy and you will be very happy. It’s a rewarding feeling to know you are making a difference in the world. This is one way of green living and your baby will also be much more comfortable.

Cloth diapers are reusable and much more affordable. They come in different brands and styles. Some are 2 pieces, the cloth and a cover. Some called Chinese cloth diapers will need safety pins or a snappi to secure onto child. There are other more convenient ones that are all in one that are snap on or Velcro and replicate a disposable diaper.

You can continue reusing cloth diapers until it begins to whither. Washing them is very simple, make sure you have removed all the poop from them and add them to their own separate pile. When this pile becomes enough to load into a washing machine just wash them as you would anything else. It’s important to make sure they are sanitized before your baby wears them again. An unclean diaper can give your baby complications. You can dry them in a dryer but some people like to hang them in the sun.

Charlotte writes about the benefits of using prefold cloth diapers and organic cloth diapers

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