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Instead of searching in vain for organic baby products at local retailers or high-priced boutiques, order the most popular all-natural diapers online.

Just as Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs dominate shelf-space and sales in major national retailers, so three brands of organic diapers dominate the online diaper market: “Seventh Generation,” “Tushies,” and “gBabies” trounce the competition so badly you cry out for a “mercy rule.” Their dominance comes as no surprise, though, because all three manufacturers deliver state-of-the-art organic products Earth-conscious consumers demand right now.

In order to shop for diapers online, you must become literate in the acronyms and fluent in the jargon. “Chlorine-free” means both that the manufacturer used no hydrochloric acid processing the paper or fabric from which he made the diaper; and it means you need not use bleach when you wash the diaper. You want chlorine-free. “Volatile organic compounds” make new cars smell wonderful, but they also explain why auto-workers wear respirators as they assemble your new Chryslers. Plastic disposable diapers contain volatile organic compounds. You do not want them. “BHT” stands for a plastic which has more syllables than molecules. You do not want it-not in your baby’s small trousers, and especially not in your baby’s bottles. Some online parenting sites have glossaries of diaper terms.

Order from a Sources for Diapers Online

Site-loyalty now counts far more than brand-loyalty, and vendors of diapers online compete as fiercely as Coke and Pepsi. All of the top sites offer free shipping with minimum purchases, and they guarantee delivery in two days. Buying diapers online, you always should buy in bulk, maximizing your savings, capitalizing on special incentives, and minimizing the delay between ordering and receiving your products.

One of the industry’s pioneers, offers the web’s largest variety of styles, brands, materials, and sizes; and it offers shoppers a variety of packaging choices. Most newborn and infant sizes come in handy forty-diaper packs-about ten days’ supply. Larger toddler sizes come in multi-packs of 160 diapers. Because sizes are based on babies’ weights, they overlap, and the larger size always is the best buy. “Diapers.com” has the lowest everyday prices, but you frequently will find lower prices on specific items when the site’s rivals run “premium offers” and promotions.

Ardently, fervently, unshakably green parents prefer some merchants because they sells the web’s greatest variety of organic cloth and disposable diapers, and it offers the most “pocket” diapers by the greatest assortment of manufacturers. Most all-natural diapers cost very little more than their old-fashioned equivalents, and many disposable, flushable, or compostable diaper liners cost less than plastic disposables. Parents especially like the parent community on line, because questions from confused parents, and regular viewers respond across the spectrum of viewpoints. Of course, The Great Diaper Debate rages on those pages, but, reading well-informed and articulate arguments, apprehensive parents learn to make intelligent product choices.

Ashley J Michaels is an home economist. For the best Diapers Online please visit http://buydiapers.org/

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