My Favorite Breastfeeding Accessories

I have been breastfeeding for about 6 months now and thought I would share a few of my favorite accessories. 

If you are going to use nursing pads, I found a much better option than the disposables. A friend of mine gave me her left over box of disposable nursing pads.  I used them until they were gone, however I just did not feel right throwing away a pair every day (and sometimes more!). So I looked online and actually found organic, reusable nursing pads. There is a wide variety including organic cotton and bamboo. They are both good for your delicate skin and the environment!

An item that I found that absolutely saved me are hot/cold gel packs. I chose the ones that have a hole in the middle.  When I first started breastfeeding we were having some latching problems.  Needless to say, I was pretty sore after feeding my son on several occasions during the first three months.  So I would keep a pair of these in the freezer to soothe myself immediately after feeding.  I kept another pair handy to heat up before feeding.  Heat helps the ‘let down’ occur much faster which makes it easier on you and the baby.  After getting mastitis twice, I found that heating before feeding kept me from having pain as well as clearing up any clogged ducts which kept me from getting mastitis a third time!  Applying heat before pumping also helps you get the process started much quicker!  I believe I purchased mine at Target, but you can find them online.  There is a brand called “BustBuddies” that offers hot and cold pads.

Here is my advice on Nursing Bras: Don’t waste your money.You might find it useful to have one or two, but I much preferred buying the “Essential Basic Bra” from The Gap. There are no hooks or adjustable straps. I purchased them in size XL and found them to be very comfortable (and wireless!) and made feeding very easy whether coming from the top of my shirt or underneath. If you are going to buy a nursing bra, I love the “Bravado! Designs” line. They have many wireless options and the material is very light and comfortable.

My last favorite breastfeeding accessory is my pump. It is the Ameda “Purely Yours” Breast Pump.  It is a double pump that is easy to use and completely BPA free.  I even loved the little bottles that come with it.  They are BPA free as well.  I have the one that came with a tote which is convenient for travel or taking to work. 

Kelly Carlsen is a breastfeeding mom and entrepreneur. She currently has a six month old son. Her goal is to improve the world by educating new parents on important modern considerations regarding raising a happy, health baby. For further education, please consult her blog at

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