More Details on Adult Diapers

Diapers are not only used by small infants and children but commonly used by some adult population also. Adults who have problems of mobility, impairment of legs, and incontinence will make use of special under garments for holding urine. When compared with the child’s cloth, they are bigger in size and exist in various forms and sizes, as per the requirement of the adult. Just like women use sanitary napkins for absorbing menstrual discharge men also use thick napkins which is commonly known as ‘briefs’.

Some people who have complicated medical condition cannot control their bowel movements. For instance, persons who have injured lumbar vertebrae are often seen with incapacity for controlling urine. Sometimes, patients who are bedridden for long time due to various reason use diapers for avoiding bed wetting.  Such persons cannot walk till the toilet without using help from someone. For meeting the emergency need, they always wear ‘briefs’ which contains special kind of material for absorbing urine. Persons affected with dementia will not realize that they have passed urine. So, for them using ‘briefs’ become essential till they get completely cured out of illness.

The cloth or material used for preparing the pads for adult is different from that of children. It contains highly absorbent material and available in many forms which can be used conveniently as underpants. The product should be changed frequently when used by adults since the quantity of urine passed by adult is more than that of child. So, adults use cheap diapers because they need to change it for every two hours. Given that, they are forced to buy the products which are cheaper. It is not because they cannot afford it, but it is because of the necessity that they need to change it often. Adults generally do not seek more comfort rather they look for the product which can be used for longer duration.

With the availability of some thick absorbent material which is durable and which can withstand for at least 2 to 3 hours are the brands most opted by the adults. Adults are not like kids and unlike dementia patients, other adults know that they have passed urine or stool.

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