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Babies have delicate skin. Irritation from moisture and soiled diapers can lead to diaper rashes and chafing. If the rash becomes too severe, it can lead to great discomfort for a baby. You can get free baby stuff such as samples of popular diaper rash ointments like Destin to sooth their skin and begin the healing process immediately.

To avoid diaper rashes in the first place, change diapers frequently. This is especially important for dirty diapers. Upgrade the diaper size so it isn’t too snug. When the diaper is too tight it can cause the skin to chafe. Try a different brand of disposables, because sometimes babies are sensitive to chemicals contained in certain diapers. It is expensive to change diapers often as well as to buy different brands and sizes, but these are things you can get for free!

Other great tips are to use unscented wipes or plain water. They are less irritating than wipes with scents. Don’t skimp on wipes, either. Ensure you are wiping all the poop and urine off of baby’s delicate skin. If your baby is especially prone to diaper rashes, you may want to use a barrier ointment on the diaper area with each diaper change. This keeps poop and urine off the skin, and also prevents chafing.

Diapers, wipes, creams and ointments are just a few examples of the free baby stuff you can get for your new arrival. These products can help you to avoid a diaper rash in the first place.

If your baby happens to get a serious diaper rash, it is advisable to clean the diaper area thoroughly, but gently, with water and let it air dry.

Always get professional advice from your pediatrician.  The pediatrician might tell you to use a combination of petroleum jelly and zinc oxide cream, a maximum strength diaper rash cream with zinc oxide, or a pure lanolin ointment such as the one marketed by Lansinoh.  He or she may also tell you to use Clotrimazole anti-fungal cream for diaper rashes that seem to be persistent, as they may be caused by a yeast infection.  But in any event, never hesitate to get advice from your pediatrician.


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