Flip Diapers Allow The Use of Reusable and Disposable Diapers

Some of the best products in the baby care industry were created by enterprising (and frustrated) moms.  The genesis of Flip diapers is no different, having been created in 2005 by the same mother and dad team who brought the world the bumGenius diapers.  The motivation behind their latest invention is to provide a relatively inexpensive hybrid diaper system that offers disposable as well as reusable cloth liners within a waterproof exterior cover.  So the name comes from your ability to flip between reusable and disposable liners, which is pretty good product labeling.

In some ways the newer Flip system is similar to the other products made by the same company, notably the bumGenius diaper with its one-size-fits-all design.  However the Flip is a hybrid, allowing the use of either reusable cloth inserts (either conventional cloth or their supercharged Stay-Dry lining) or disposable liners. They have found that parents (mostly moms no doubt) tend to have strong preferences about this, so offering the hybrid has been a good marketing move for the company.  

Flip diapers will fit kids from roughly 8 pounds up to 35 pounds. That suggests that small newborns may need to use another brand for a few weeks.  The company also makes the Flip Potty Trainers for your toddler, when they are ready for the big transition.  

From blog and forum posts, it seems that there are a lot of big fans for this system.  It appears that the design is well-received by customers, but it is possible that the outer covering may get messy and need cleaning if a busy baby is too active.  That probably is more likely to occur with larger children.  They recommend that you insert two inner pads for larger kids or if your prized possession has a lot of production at night when sleeping.

The Flip is available in a package that includes a single outer cover (this comes in 11 pastel colors, at least a few of which are suitable for boys and also for girls) plus one insert (either organic cloth or the Stay Dry liner).  You can also purchase just the cloth cover, and then buy a package of 18 disposable inserts.  Also offered are “Daypacks” that include 2 cloth diaper covers and 6 inserts, either organic or Stay Dry; and also a pack with 2 cloth covers plus 18 disposable inserts.

The individual diapers run from around $ 13 up to say $ 20 or thereabouts.  This is affected by the liner you select.  The Daypacks seem to run in the $ 50 range.  Overall this price range is close to what we have seen with other, similar products.  Some are cheaper but do not offer the same level of hybrid flexibility.  Since the Flip diapers are flexible in size, you can simplify life if you have more than one baby in diapers; no need to be sorting through the clean laundry for the cover of the right size.  They are durable, and can be saved for when Little Brother or sister comes along in a couple of years.

J. M. Key has written widely about a variety of topics over the past 30 years; he has discovered a lot about buying bulk diapers and some of the clever new products.  For more information on Flip Diapers check out Bulk Diapers.

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