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Getting diapers for newborns can be a challenge especially for those couples who are having their firstborn. There are many considerations to take such as the type of diaper, material and the size. In addition, purchasing diapers add to the cost but with some tips, one can save much money with less hassle. It is said the newborn babies requires at least ten to twelve diapers a day, if one uses disposable diapers; this will amount to a big cost. In this regard, cloth diapers would be alternative to save money and at the same time be more efficient.

Some expensive disposable diapers are not necessarily the best among the bunch. These kinds of diapers do not assure optimum comfort for the newborn and at the same time leak protection. Additionally, there are some cases wherein disposable diapers causes chafing on the legs of the infant. Hence, for newborn babies; cloth diaper would be safer and practical.

Parents tend to have a negative predilection on the use of cloth diapers since it would be much work in terms of cleaning and maintenance. However, this perception is quite wrong. When breastfed babies defecate, their feces can be cleaned up easily. Such cleaning need not entail the use of intense scrubbing, bleach and the likes. Clean up will be easy without much problems.

Considering convenience, pocket diapers are the better option since clean up and maintenance is not necessary. Having disposable diapers have its benefits as well. However, this might be pricier than the other types of diapers. Having a one-size cloth diaper is a wise idea since it can last from eight pounds even up to thirty-five. Though this might seem pricier in the initial set up, one can save better in the end.

Leaks and the likes are the most unwanted situations of parents in terms of their baby’s diaper.

This is a frustrating situation because the diaper offers optimum guard from leakage. However, the size matters, if the diaper is too large for the baby then leaks are sometimes inevitable. Containment should be another factor when selecting diapers for newborns. For this matter, diapers that are fitted with covers and sometime with elastic layers will more likely avoid this problem.

Having the most expensive diapers does not mean such can provide optimum comfort, support, and containment. For a cost-effective option, pre-fold diapers and covers are effective in terms of the cost. Pre-fold diapers can last up to ten pounds but sometimes this can be bulky for newborn. In this case, the problem can be solved by folding it appropriately to suit the infant well.

When choosing a diaper, these factors should be taken into consideration: cost, convenience, and containment. This will guide parents in choosing the right type of diaper for their newborn.

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