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QiaraTV News – C-section possible links to breastfeeding problems and infant health

This episode of Qiara TV news discusses research findings relating to caesarian section births and the incidence of subsequent infant hospitalisations and br… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Testing Disposable Diapers! PART 2

Here is part 2! Like I said in the other description I feel like the video when it ends is not a fair review of each diaper. So I will let you know how the d…

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Breastfeeding Getting a good latch with Dr. Jack Newman

Please subscribe, vote, comment, and visit! Shows baby latching on with “asymmetric” latch. Then later, video shows the baby gettin…

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Breastfeeding – Japanese Baby Breastfeeding

Birth control, pcos and breastfeeding? Can i get pregnant while breastfeeding? Is this safe while breastfeeding? What are your views of breastfeeding? Can yo… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Mom Review Mondays- Disposable Diapers

Another Mom Review for you, here is a look at some diapers that we use. Thank you so much for watching my emiseverything. Follow me along… www.emiseverythi…

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How Do I Stop Breastfeeding

Period is a week early? i am breastfeeding? Could i be pregnant(after pregnancy while breastfeeding?)? Is it ok to eat this while breastfeeding? Why haven it… Video Rating: 0 / 5

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I wear adult diapers

like & subscribe I hope you all enjoyed new and better videos coming soon. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE— My Strange Addiction | Season 5 Episode 5 | “Chews Dirty Diapers/Addicted to Leec… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Washable Dog Diaper Review

Owners of senior dogs will be pleasantly surprised at the options they have for washable dog diapers. Dog Quality has introduced a new and improved line of w… These disposable dog diapers help senior dogs with bladder and bowel problems. Many owners of older dogs find it difficult to get a dog diaper to stay […]

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Breastfeeding Diet – Vitamin D Deficiency Part 2 Breastfeeding provides newborns the best start in life. But recent studies say breastmilk might be missing one inportan… We had someone ask us the question on how to transition to a 100% Raw Food Diet if they are currently breastfeeding. You can c…

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My Breastfeeding Issues & Tips

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! In honor of this week, I’m giving my tips for successful breastfeeding, along with the issues and problems I’ve had along the…

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